Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kiwi Vet Nurse's pending trip to Tonga!

Serena Dickenson is a vet nurse at Unitec Veterinary Hospital in Auckland.  Serena and the Unitec Veterinary Hospital team helped raise over $2,000 for SPAW as part of our summer competition which was designed to raise awareness for our cause and the plight of island animals while raising much needed funds to help us deliver free aid to island nations.  The competition was open to NZ vet clinics with two prize packages to give away to the vet clinic or vet nurse individual who raised the most money for SPAW. We are pleased to say both winners were well deserving of the prize packages which includes return flights to Tonga, accommodation at the Kingdom Koffee plantation and evening meals for two weeks on Tonga as part of our June volunteer team.

Serena wrote to us today telling us how much she is looking forward to her experience. We will keep you updated when Serena and the team is on the island with regular updates of their experiences. Serena arrives on Tonga with the rest of our volunteer team on 9th June 2012. Good luck guys – we know you will have an amazing time!

“I am really looking forward to helping both the animals and people of Tonga who are more challenged than we are here in New Zealand in terms of animal care. It will also be a time to both learn and experience more about the people’s and culture of Tonga. This wonderful opportunity will provide me with a first-hand opportunity to see just how much SPAW does in the islands to help animals and communities develop sustainable animal aid programmes and how much they have positively influenced animal welfare in Tonga. It also means that I will be able to combine both my career aspirations as a vet nurse and my desire to find out more about my Tongan heritage by meeting some of my Tongan family - my Tongan heritage has been a strong influence in my life growing up.”  Serena Dickenson, Unitec Veterinary Hospital, Auckland, 15th May 2012